musculoskeletal and joint pain, proinflammatory cytokines and systemic inflammation.


cartilage degradation and regression of arthritic conditions.


mobility and flexibility, cartilage regeneration and musculoskeletal protection.

60 tablets/pack

Corrective Protocol:
2 tablets per day.
1 tablet per intake.
30 minutes before meal.

30 tablets/pack

Preventive & Maintenance Protocol:
1 tablet per day.
30 minutes before meal.


REGENAPEP is a new TGA-certified joint health supplement that acts as an advanced reliever of musculoskeletal, rheumatic and arthritic pain, and a preventive system against potential future onset of arthritis by alleviating conditions associated with early-stage musculoskeletal and joint inflammation.

✔ Multi-dimensional Anti-Inflammatory Action

✔ Joint Protection and Regeneration

✔ Natural Active Ingredients

✔ Regulatory Certification


How it works?

Get in Motion with REGENAPEP’s Five Multi-Dimensional Actions

1. 🛡 Block Proinflammatory Cytokines and SUPPRESS INFLAMMATION

2. 🙂 Achieve sustainable RELIEF

3. Increase CHONDROPROTECTION and prevent worsening of arthritic conditions

4. ⟳ Promote BETTER REGENERATIVE CONDITIONS and attain healthy skeletal growth

5. Elevate mood and REDUCE DEPRESSION associated with arthritis

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All-in-One Brochure

All-In-One Brochure
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