Formulated with Proprietary Blend Beard Follicle Regenerator that will specifically target the beard dermal papilla to augment the androgen levels binding to the androgen receptor. It stimulates the production of androgen-dependent paracrine growth factors and promotes the proliferation of hair epithelial cells.

MicroNed Stamper
The MicroNed Stamper is manufactured with an array of 24k Gold plated microneedles that are 0.50mm thin. Each needle has a spiral groove that helps to deliver the ingredients into the skin (direct drug delivery), leaving behind only a tiny, invisible hole in the skin. MicroNed Stamper is an applicator that allows you to target more specific areas of the skin – it’s also significantly safer than other conventional methods, as there is less risk of damaging surrounding hair follicles by pulling the hairs out at the root.

HFR Beard Kit:
• 2.5ml x 5 vials
• 5ml MicroNed Stamper
• Dropper

✔ Natural peptides & hypoallergenic formula – suitable for a wide range of skin types.

✔ Low molecular weight 10kDa Nano peptides; offers high permeability to hair follicles.

✔ Potent key bioactives: insulin-like and vascular endothelial growth factors.

✔ No preservatives, parabens, alcohol, and no animal testing.

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7.52 mb

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