A fusion of three skin care actions in a single program covering intense hydration, spot correction and active cellular renewal – for a complete 24 hour pampering of your skin – day and night. This three-step, daily beauty treatment is designed to fortify your skin with intense brightening and hydrating elements in the morning, correct your pigmentation spots with a targeted and powerful roll-on melasma corrector and finally indulge your skin with a luxurious formula of cellular-repairing elements over the night.


Intense Hydrating Caviar Complex

Caviar, the fine jewel of skin beauty, is the hydrating secret in MF3’s most original creation. Specially enriched with the highest concentration of protein-rich Caviar DNA extract, this intense hydrating serum instantly creates a highly protective film on your delicate skin surface, to deliver continuous 10-hour hydration action, nourishing and revitalizing your skin into plumped, silken smoothness. Used in duo as part of a daily beauty ritual with the Caviar DNA Night Serum, this serum rigorously enhances your skin’s natural moisture-retaining powers, and provides pink multi-light reflective pigments to create an immediate pink porcelain reflect on your skin complexion.


Targeted Roll-On Spot Corrector

Melasma DNA Corrector is a high-precision, roll-on-concentrate applicator for visible dark spot reduction. This highly concentrated corrector provides a unique, deep-down action on the two origins of dark spots and aging pigments: melanin synthesis and lipofuscin formation. With time, dark spots are visibly diminished, erasing all the signs of aging to reveal a fascinating, translucent complexion.


Overnight Cell Renewal Accelerator

One of the alluring trios of MF3’s skin revitalisation program, Caviar DNA Night Serum is conceived from the exceptional age-defying and renewing powers of protein-rich Caviar. With the luscious supply of LB complex, a super accelerator of epidermal cell renewal, the residue of sun-induced melanin from your day’s activities is eliminated from the skin surface over night. Soft and supple, the skin is repaired, reinvigorated and renewed by dawn. Experience the true definition of a full night of beauty sleep.

All-in-One Brochure

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