MF3 is a pioneer in the global anti-aging industry for over 20 years. We develop innovative skincare products with exclusive ingredients and cutting-edge technology with a premium Swiss-made quality. We continue to expand our knowledge and know-how on cell therapy and the benefits of botanical and placental extracts to create high-performing solutions for your health, beauty and rejuvenation.


Light weight serum enriched with caviar peptides for clear, luminous, and supple skin.

Rich in amino acids, fatty omega acids, vitamins and minerals, and fortified with Hyaluronan and Malus domestica extract, Caviar Marine 3R Serum promotes collagen production in addition to maximum hydration and anti aging effects, creating the perfect conditions for healthy, radiant skin.

MF3 Caviar Marine 3R Serum
4.08 mb


Light weight Placenta therapy serum for intensive skin renewal, repair & restoration.

Placenta 3R Serum is rich in bioactives and anti-inflammatory components that reduce skin inflammation and support the renewal of skin cells to unveil the skin’s natural beauty. It is also fortified with Hyaluronan and Malus domestica extract to provide maximum hydration and anti-aging effects.

MF3 Placenta 3R DNA Serum
2.91 mb


Beauty in the eye of the beholder

Eye Cellular Peptides are designed with the highest quality peptides molecules and cellular extracts prepared from precursor stem cells via ultrafiltration techniques. The small molecular size of peptides allows a higher bioavailability rate to the retina and optic nerve, restoring its normal functions.

MF3 Eye Cellular Peptides
4.67 mb

All-in-One Brochure

MF3 All-in-One Brochure
4.09 mb