Premium vegetal-based softgels that offer complete wellness, skin
rejuvenation, and cellular renewal.

VP Evolution delivers anti-aging effects such as skin rejuvenation, whitening and skin pigmentation reduction with its special blend of concentrated bioactives derived from Vegetal Placenta Extract, Phytowhite Tripeptide and Ubiquinol. It also contains high antioxidant properties which helps to protect the body from free radical damage.


Formulated to offer total rejuvenation, protection against premature aging, and promotion of complete wellness.

PE Evolution is an anti-aging supplement formulated with a high concentration of bioactive ingredients derived from Sheep Placenta and Marine Cellular Extract – fish milt, fish skin, and cartilage. It is also fortified with a potent antioxidant, Ubiquinol, to support cellular energy functions and protect against oxidative damage.


Delivers substantial restorative support that your body
needs to rebuild, rejuvenate, and renew!

Swiss Evolution SPE is a premium softgels supplement composed primarily of high-grade Marine Cellular Extract, Sheep Placenta Extract, bioabsorbable antioxidant Ubiquinol and the nutrient-rich, energy boosting Lepidium Meyenii extract. They synergise to provide potent anti-aging effects – such as promoting cellular rejuvenation and healthy, youthful skin, improving musculoskeletal health, and boosting stamina, physical performance, and sexual wellbeing.


The secret to health and beauty, unearthed with ingredients from the sea! Formulated for promoting musculoskeletal conditioning, immunity, cellular renewal, and complete wellness.

MCE Evolution consists of a high bioactive concentration of Marine Cellular Extracts enriched with EPA and DHA from Krill Oil, Fish Oil and Vegetal Actives, containing a rich amount of omega 3, dietary nucleotides, nucleic acid, collagen and elastin. These softgels support cellular rejuvenation and musculoskeletal health (joint, skin, bone, cartilage), in addition to reducing cellular inflammation and improving cardiovascular health.

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